From the Earth's centre of attraction 
to every partof the World…

Story of the marble is same in everywhere it exists. It forms in the heart of the nature by the clustering of time, patience and numerous values. It raises different feelings in us, who have different cultures, different tastes and different aesthetical values. We, as BSC, experience the comfort of being able to communicate in every language, every culture owing to the knowledge and experience we have in marble field. It is our main goal to be able to discover the common grounds and create values over these grounds, and to have our services, fit to the needs perfectly, and to create absolute satisfaction are as for our reward.

Marble, the generous gift of the nature, carries with itself the texture of the geography, where it is formed, to the places; of course by favour of BSC

Quality is never accident; it is always 
the result of an intelligent effort.


We believe that you have to do well whatever you do. Your services should distinguish you and your customers from the general, and definitely bring you together with better results.

Yes, we believe absolutely in this. We act with this understanding and come to fruition. We acknowledge that quality is both a phenomenon and principally, an understanding of life. Besides, we know that we should experience it personally and integrate it into our business.

Considering the small but valuable details that are probable to go unnoticed by the producers, BSC - Bluestone Consultancy help you to attain the best in the fastest and most economical way.

BSC, your reliable partner in 
natural stone business…

Since the day it was established, particularly two main groups experience the comfort of working confidently with BSC: the wholesalers and the application companies. Apart from the consultancy services, it has supplied to its partners the marbles, the travertines, the onyxes and the limestones in appropriate colours and textures as well as in blocks, plates, tiles and sized according to the needs. In this sense, it accomplished the supply of marble in appropriate characteristics and quality to many projects in many parts of the world including private villas, hotels, museums and large public buildings.

With great speed and stability, BSC has still kept on its services, given in the past, and has continued its routine sales to Wholesalers.