Customer – Producer
Step 1
Determining his needs, customer makes an agreement with the producer and finalizes the order.

Customer - Producer - Bluestone Consultancy
Step 2
Customer makes an agreement with Bluestone Consultancy. After, bringing together 
Bluestone Consultancy and the producer, it declares to the producer that it has authorizes Bluestone Consultancy.

Customer - Bluestone Consultancy
Step 3
After discussing the order details with the customer, Bluestone Consultancy prepares a protocol containing 
the material approval criteria and determines inspection details.

Customer - Bluestone Consultancy
Step 4
It shares the final details of the inspection work performed within the prescribed criteria 
with the customer and receives approval.

Producer - Bluestone Consultancy
Step 5
Producer starts to prepare for production, informs Bluestone Consultancy at least one week before being 
ready for inspection and final approval is given three days before. Before the prepared products are packaged, 
they are kept ready for the control of Bluestone Consultancy.

Customer - Bluestone Consultancy
Step 6
The report of the inspection work, conducted in accordance with the criteria of the customer, is submitted 
with the photographs for the approval of the customer. If there isn’t any situation that may rise at the last 
moment with the final conditions and may require the customer assessment, the material approval (or rejection)
is given by Bluestone Consultancy to the producer.

Producer - Bluestone Consultancy
Step 7
Freight of the products, which Bluestone Consultancy approves their convenience and which have been prepared 
according to all criteria, is performed to be delivered to the customer.